Cow Pole Pole Large Size

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Large Cow

"Please note that the small size model is shown here for dimensional comparison purposes only and is sold separately."

Ultra Limited Edition

This unique piece, limited to only 30 copies worldwide, is a large cow of impressive dimensions: 15X5.5X10H cm. Presented alone, it clearly stands out from the other figurines in the Polepole collection.

Japanese Polepole Crafts

Each cow is carefully carved, sculpted, sanded and painted by hand following the principles of "polepole", which means "slowly" in Swahili. The minimalist and smooth design of these eco-responsible Albizia Falcata wooden animals makes them particularly endearing.

Ecological Commitment

T-Lab is committed to replanting the trees used, thus affirming its respect for the environment. Each figurine is a celebration of nature, with no chemical treatment or pollutants in the wood or paint used.

A Soothing Decorative Touch

The figurine brings a touch of serenity and minimalism to any space, providing a meditative break from the everyday. Ideal for decorating an office or bedroom, it embodies simplicity and natural beauty.