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wooden sumatran tiger | HAKO BUNEwooden sumatran tiger | HAKO BUNE
Sale price$17.00 USD
Indian elephant in wood | HAKO BUNEIndian elephant in wood | HAKO BUNE
Wooden Giant Panda | HAKO BUNEWooden Giant Panda | HAKO BUNE
Sale price$17.00 USD
wooden bactrian camel | HAKO BUNEwooden bactrian camel | HAKO BUNE
Sale price$17.00 USD
Giant Wooden Galapagos Tortoise | HAKO BUNEGiant Wooden Galapagos Tortoise | HAKO BUNE
Wooden Amami Rabbit | HAKO BUNEWooden Amami Rabbit | HAKO BUNE
Sale price$17.00 USD

Collection Limited "HAKOBUNE"

Each wooden figurine in the collection is a social product that
return part of the sales to an animal protection association
with the theme "Living a small life that dwells somewhere on Earth on the Hakobune of the heart and living with the Earth".

Discover the "HAKOBUNE" collection, a series of wooden figurines that highlights the animals on the red list of endangered species in the world. Each wooden figurine in the collection is a social product that rreturn part of the sales to an animal protection association with the theme "Living a little life that lives somewhere on Earth on the Hakobune of the heart and living with the Earth".

Each figurine in the "HAKOBUNE" collection is designed to convey the unique characteristics of each animal, from the wooden Amami Rabbit to the wooden Bactrian Camel, from the wooden Giant Galapagos Tortoise to the wooden Indian Elephant. wood, including the wooden Sumatran Tiger and the wooden Giant Panda. Each figure's designs are carefully crafted to reflect each animal's idiosyncrasies, and the finish uses the natural texture of wood to give a grown-up, unique feel. The eyes of each figurine are filled with a touching melancholy that invites reflection, but also hope.

By purchasing a figurine from the "HAKOBUNE" collection, you are helping to support a cause that is close to our hearts, while providing you with a unique piece for your collection. On the label attached to the neck of each figurine, you will find information on the habitat and ecology of each animal, that will allow you to better understand and appreciate their importance in our world. Be part of the movement for the protection of endangered animal species in the world by offering yourself a figurine from the "HAKOBUNE" collection.


What makes wooden tlab animals so special?

The concept is pushed even further: if each animal is handmade, therefore unique, they are also almost identical. Take the shape, the paint, the varnish... Everything is slightly different when you pay a lot of attention to it, but almost indistinguishable, and yet each animal has its own facial expression, emanating from a unique emoticon.

This is no doubt the result of the time the craftsmen take to carry out each step of this meticulous work, but even over time, only a highly skilled craftsman can achieve such precision, regularity and quality in his craft.

This is why the artisans of T-Lab are proud of the time they devote to their creations. The philosophy of the "pole" is not only a message, it is also part of the object, of its creative process. This sincerity gives the wooden animals of the "polepole" a whole new dimension, and their creators consider this to be the reason why they are "comforting" objects. We would gladly add "warm" to the description.

Nevertheless, even though it is a fine collection of artistic and meaningful craftsmanship, the philosophy behind it would probably not be complete if it did not have a concrete impact on the world.

That's why all T-Lab products are chemical-free, from the treatment of the raw material (the wood) to the paint they use. Finally, T-Lab is committed to preserving the forests of Albizia Falcata, by replanting the trees they use for creations. By doing so, they can guarantee the quality of the wood they use, and since the variety of tree they use grows faster than most, it helps decarbonize the air.

The circle is complete.

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