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raw wooden cat | Do It Yourselfraw wooden cat | Do It Yourself
Sale price$16.00 USD
Raw wooden rabbit | Do It YourselfRaw wooden rabbit | Do It Yourself
Raw wooden donkey | Do It YourselfRaw wooden donkey | Do It Yourself
raw wooden koala | Do It Yourselfraw wooden koala | Do It Yourself
Sale price$16.00 USD
raw wooden gorilla | Do It Yourselfraw wooden gorilla | Do It Yourself

Our new collection Pole Pole DIY

The heart of our brand of figurines Pole Pole – which, as a reminder, means “little by little”, “gently”, “slowly” – is to offer products that are touching, human, beyond authenticity. These are statuettes in biobased wood hand carved and painted. Each piece is unique, and has its own identity, softness and emotion.

DIY statuettes: what are they?

To push this concept further, and allow you to directly incorporate your own sensibility into the statuettes Pole Pole, and imbue them with your creativity, we offer you a small collection of five animals Pole Pole to personalize in a DIY way. You can find "classic" and adorably kawaii shapes such as the rabbit and the cat, which everyone will recognize and appreciate even in raw form...

…but also more original animals such as the gorilla, a majestic and endangered species that recalls the sustainable development approach at the origin of the brand. Or the donkey, more sober, unpretentious, which illustrates one of the most essential animals to civilization, even today. And finally the koala, probably one of the cutest animals there is, and one of the best representatives of endangered species.

How it works ?

Some will surely want to keep the statuettes in their raw, natural form, without even sanding them down. We understand, and of course, it's up to you! But the concept of this collection is to allow you to bring your touch, your personal attention, and to spend time on this object full of meaning. The goal is that you can have a real reflection, a real involvement in all that these objects represent. To take your time, and therefore, to be completely in line with the original idea of ​​our brand.

You won't need any unusual tools to do this: sandpaper (supplied with the statuettes), a little acrylic paint and a brush, and you're good to go! Sand as much as you want, to have a more or less smooth texture; then apply the paint. Stay in a minimalist softness, or on the contrary, cover it with shimmering colors to brighten up your interior or rather stay in a minimalist design... All that is up to you!

Play on more or less bright colors to contrast with the sober and modest image of the little donkey. Illustrate your emotions and thoughts of the moment by painting them on the animal of your choice: be it the relentless but gentle strength of our cousins ​​the gorillas, or the freedom and unpredictability of the tomcat. Let your ideas express themselves, and you will obtain an even more unique piece, mixing at the same time all the history behind Pole Pole, and your creativity.

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