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wabi sabi

Wabi-Sabi: Simplicity and Imperfection

Discover the art of Wabi-Sabi in interior design You are looking of an interior design concept that transcends fleeting trends and resonates with your soul? Do not look any further ! Wabi-sabi, an ...

DécorationDécoré et personnaliser son interieur en 2023

How to decorate your interior in 2023

Interior decoration is a perfect way to express one's personality and create a living space that matches their tastes and lifestyle. Whether you are a minimalist, a fan of wooden decoration, a fan ...

année du lapin 2023

Prosperity and good fortune: Celebration of the Year of Rabbit in Japan 2023

 The New Year of the Rabbit, 2023, has arrived in Japan, and with it, a sense of hope and renewal. According to the Japanese zodiac, people born in the year of the Rabbit are deemed intelligent, sw...

animaux en bois

Our wooden animals to decorate your interior in 2023

Wooden animal figurines are an original and unique way to add a soft touch to any space. Handcrafted, these deco figurines are crafted with care and attention to detail resulting in a high quality ...

Les signes du Zodiaque au Japon

Zodiac signs in Japan

Want to know your zodiac sign? Its origin and what does it say about your personality? So I invite you to explore this article and discover together the animal that suits you and its meaning. In Ja...

10 architectes Japonais qui ont changé le visage de cet art

10 Japanese architects who changed the face of this art

Japan, land of the rising sun is a fascinating country where old meets new. It adheres to its traditions and its roots while allowing innovation and new trends. Today, Japanese architects play a vi...

animal totemfigurines animaux en bois

Your Totem Animal and its Meaning

Have you ever felt a special connection with an animal or a creature of nature, a bond that seems to transcend mere affection? Have you ever wondered if this animal could be a spirit guide or...

Le Japandi: la déco minimaliste tendance pour 2022

The Japandi: the trendy minimalist decoration for 2023

This is how Japandi design can bringcomfort and simplicity to your home You may also think that there is nothing in common between Japan and Scandinavia, but in terms of interior design and in desi...

Pole pole, les petits animaux en bois sculptés à la main à Bali

Pole pole, hand carved wooden animals in Bali

 How not to crack in front of this collection of more than sixty small figurines, each more adorable than the other!  Each of these little wooden animals has a very refined shape and it is only w...

ArtisanatLe DIY par PolePole, notre guide complet

The DIY by Pole Pole, our complete guide

The DIY trend has been gaining momentum for a few years now, which is not about to stop growing. Much more than a fashion effect, it is for many a passion, aa way of life. And for good reason: the ...

ArtisanatArtisanat Japonais: Savoir-faire, maîtrise et qualité

Japanese craftsmanship: Know-how, mastery and quality

The development of typical Japanese craftsmanship began in the Edo period. The most important Japanese crafts are pottery, ceramics and textile and wood crafts.

DécorationÀ quoi ressemble une maison et une décoration traditionnelle japonaise?

What does a traditional Japanese home and decoration look like?

Traditional houses are called Minka (民家), which literally means "people's house". THE style was born in the Edo period and the appearance varies greatly from region to region.

TOP 20: Animaux en bois Pole Pole pour 2022

TOP 20: Wooden Animals Pole Pole for 2022

Today we made you the TOP 20 favorite sculptures of our community. The cutest and most requested pieces!

DécorationDécoration minimaliste et nordique, les secrets de Pole Pole

Minimalist and Nordic decoration, the secrets of Pole Pole

Us decorative animals are just waiting to complete your new interior decoration. Take advantage of these little moments and put these tips into practice for decorating your home.

T-Lab Europe: Notre histoire, notre éthique

T-Lab Europe: Our history, our ethics

These wooden animals T-Lab cute, handcrafted, were created in 2007, by nature and animal lovers.