Our Ethics

For nature lovers, you are looking for a specific sculpture to complete your interior decoration ? We look forward to taking up the challenge. Our Japanese brand wooden animal figurines are beautifully crafted by passionate craftsmen. These items are made from solid wood, non-composite: Albizia. They are also hand painted with ecological paints.

What is T-Lab” Pole Pole »?

Composed of a craftsman team passionate about local wildlife, T-lab creates wooden sculptures that respect the natural environment. Wooden animal sculptures are our specialty, they are known for their originality and quality. Pieces designed to warm your heart, thanks to their unique and fun facial feature.

How do we work?

By using wooden sculptures we can create interest, educate and train activities through discovery. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. With our considerable craftsmanship and mastery, we can make any decorative animal sculpture you desire, so don't be afraid to challenge us.

With our experience in creating wood carving, we are able to design, source and create unique and intriguing features for any project. Our designs are always locally relevant and carefully researched with respect to a region's specific local history, culture or wildlife.

The steps to make them are:

  • Cut a piece of solid wood into an approximate shape
  • Dry it in an oven for a long time.
  • Sand meticulously to refine the shape
  • Finishing in Japan: Once the shape is perfectly drawn, the wooden sculpture will be polished with sandpaper.

Just like the finish, the painting is done manually to add a touch of originality. Therefore, each model has the expression that makes it stand out from all the others. The final touches are made in Japan before being used as a decorative object.

How do we respect the planet?

Love for the environment is a big part of why we started in this Indonesian manufacturing. We only use Albizia wood grown in our own forests in Bali. A renewable source of wood, this tree species is known for its very fast growth rate, just like bamboo.

We take pride in manufacturing custom structures that naturally meet the needs of our customers within the required framework.

As part of our commitment to the natural environment in which we usually work, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and incorporate conscientious environmental practices into all of our projects. For the finish of our products, we use a chemical-free vegetable paint.

Unique decorative objects

Thanks to the skilled hands of our artists and sculptors, we ensure the production of high quality decorative objects. We make custom animal sculptures and figurines especially for nature lovers. Each personal request, both in terms of model and size, is drawn, modeled and made in wood by our experienced artists in Japan.

For animal lovers and minimalists.

Discover our wide range of decorative wooden pieces carved and painted by hand in classic, modern, linear and stylized styles. Their beautiful handmade shapes and faces have convinced many loyal naturalist customers all over the world for years.

Hedgehog, hippopotamus, owl, frog, penguin, koala… these items are perfect gifts for nature lovers. They are suitable for any occasion: birthdays, Valentine's Day and for other events or occasions. They will make a perfect decoration idea.

For sculptors and collectors, these pieces are works of art that showcase the splendor of animals. These decorative home accessories are prestigious, rustic and made of selected forest species. Due to their originality and uniqueness, they have received the approval of many enthusiasts and collectors. These original design minimalist items add individuality to modern interiors.

They complete your furnishing with style. With precious and natural wood, our artists create cute little animals, for all tastes, for a simple but original gift and for an unusual decoration.

Japanese Quality & Expertise

We have an experienced and professional in-house team and do the design and construction ourselves. From planning to actual creation, we use skilled craftsmen to allow us to work with flexibility and ingenuity, and to have total control over the quality of our work. We ensure that it is of the highest standard.

We produce high quality animal figurines. They are also part of our home decor collection. We manufacture our items with immense know-how acquired over many years of experience. The shape adds a touch of originality to your home.

Our ethic places great importance on every handcrafted process and pays attention to every detail with love and passion. This is the main characteristic that distinguishes all our products, which are of great value. We only use high quality, durable materials and construction techniques to create structures that are built to last. This is evidenced by the fact that all of our sculptures are built to last for many years with minimal maintenance.

We offer a splendid collection of wooden animals, which are very light, durable and attractive. Equally beautiful is our natural wood collection. For those who love wood and its natural scent, T-Lab Pole Pole has created a range of animal figurines made with the artistic hands of its creators.

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