Savanna Animals Figurines


Wooden Zebra | Pole Pole



Wooden Giraffe | Pole Pole



Wooden hippopotamus | Pole Pole



Wooden Rhinoceros | Pole Pole



Fennec wood | Pole Pole



Wooden kangaroo | Pole Pole


The T-Lab Savannah Animal Figurines Collection

Discover the T-Lab Savannah Animal Figurines Collection, a selection of superb handcrafted wildlife figurines, meticulously hand-sculpted and painted with remarkable precision. These delicate works of art embody the very essence of nature captivate lovers of minimalist design, craftsmanship and exotic animals.

Design inspired by animals of the savannah

The collection combines elegant and rustic design with exoticism to create a unique and harmonious style. The figurines exude a simplicity and understated elegance that fit perfectly into various interiors and highlight the animals depicted.

Durable and non-toxic materials

T-Lab is also committed to the sustainable and responsible production of its figurines. By using Albizia wood, a fast-growing and environmentally friendly tree, the brand contributes to the preservation of forests and their ecosystems. Additionally, the paints and finishes used to achieve the fine details of each figurine are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring the safety of users and the planet.

Meticulous work for each figurine

Each animal is carefully sculpted and sanded to a smooth, soft-touch finish. Fine details, such as the spots of a wooden leopard or the stripes of a wooden zebra, are then hand painted with astonishing precision, giving each figure its own personality and charm. The Savannah Animal Figurines collection is a real immersion in African fauna, inviting contemplation and admiration.

A unique and meaningful gift

Whether you're looking to add to your own action figure collection or give a unique and meaningful gift, T-Lab's exotic pets are a perfect choice. They bring a touch of exoticism and wild beauty to any space, whether it's a living room, a child's room, an office or a shop window.

Let yourself be seduced by the delicacy and beauty of the artisanal creations

Take your home on a journey to Africa with the T-Lab Savannah Animal Figurines Collection and let yourself be seduced by the delicacy and beauty of these handcrafted creations. Appreciate the subtle nuances, captivating expressions and attention to detail that make each piece, like the wooden giraffe or wooden rhinoceros, a treasure to be treasured for years to come.