Wooden tabby cat | Pole Pole

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Tabby Cat Wooden Figurine Pole Pole Handmade

Discover the Tabby Cat Wooden Figurine Pole Pole, a unique and charming creation to bring a touch of serenity and minimalist Japanese style to your interior. This handmade wooden tabby cat reveals the beauty of the craftsmanship and know-how of T-Lab, a Japanese brand renowned for its endearing and cute creations.

An Artisanal and Eco-responsible Masterpiece

Each wooden figure tabby cat is made in Bali by talented artisans who bring these adorable animals to life. Thanks to the use of "Albizia Falcata" wood from eco-responsible forests and vegetable paint, this creation is not only beautiful, but also respectful of the environment.

Perfect Integration With Your Interior Decoration

Ideal for lovers of Japanese, Scandinavian or minimalist decoration, this wooden figure tabby cat will adapt perfectly to your living space. It can be placed on a desk, a shelf, or a windowsill to give character and personality to your interior.

Unique and Attractive Features

  • Handcrafted in Bali
  • Vegetable painting
  • "Albizia Falcata" wood from eco-responsible forest
  • Approximate size of 7 x 3 x 5 cm
  • Each animal is different, each model is unique
  • Decorative item, not suitable for young children

The Tabby Cat, a Fascinating Totem Animal

This wooden figure represents the tabby cat, an emblematic animal of independence and adaptability. Giving this figurine to a friend or to yourself is a great way to celebrate the strength and uniqueness of each person.

An Original and Universal Gift

This wooden figurine of the tabby cat is a perfect and original gift, which will appeal to all ages and all tastes. It is an excellent idea to surprise and please your loved ones.

Maintenance and Precautions

To preserve the beauty and longevity of your wooden figure, be sure to clean it gently with a dry cloth, dust regularly, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or humidity.

Create a Harmonious Collection

Enrich your home decor with other wooden figures from the collection Pole Pole. Each animal has its own charm and character, allowing you to create a harmonious and attractive whole in your living or working space.

A Call to Serenity

Don't wait any longer to invite the softness and elegance of this wooden figure of the tabby cat in your universe. Let yourself be seduced by its unique charm and the quality of its craftsmanship.