TOP 20: Wooden Animals Pole Pole for 2022

TOP 20: Animaux en bois Pole Pole pour 2022

We often talk to you about interior decoration, in order to best integrate your new favorite objects, our animals Pole Pole. Today we made you the TOP 20 favorite sculptures of our community. The cutest and most requested pieces!

The use of minimalist objects in interior design is a relatively recent trend, but it has quickly gained popularity. Minimalism has a philosophy: "Less is more". This trend uses only a few patterns, but less elaborate and more soft and neutral colors. After this little reminder of the basic principles of this style of decoration, let's dive directly into our ranking of the 20 most popular figurines!

TOP 20: Bestselling Wooden animals Pole Pole

1. The Wooden Donkey Pole Pole

Ane en bois japonais pole pole tlab

A symbol of humility and hard work, this little black and wooden donkey will make you melt with her face so sweet.

2. The Wooden Whale Pole Pole

Baleine en bois japonaise faite main

The largest animal on earth transforms into a small sculpture so that you can accompany you on your stay at home weekend,

3. The Wooden Black Cat Pole Pole

chat noir en bois sur tatami japonais

For some, it is the symbol of darkness and bad luck, for others of fortune and luck, we forget everything when we see this japanese figurine with a surprised look.

4. The Wooden Penguin Pole Pole

Animal en bois penguin sous une fleur

Make room for this polar penguin in your salon, he will bring warmth to your hearts with his cute expression.

5. The Wooden Koala Pole Pole

Koala en bois tlab

Who doesn't love koalas? These creatures of a legendary slowness, eating eucalyptus. T-Lab tried to transcribe this quite simply.

6. The Wooden Otter Pole Pole

Loutre en bois tlab

Have you seen that adorable video of the otter grooming itself while floating on the water? Everyone melts in front of this animal. Now available on our site!

7. Wooden Polar Bear Pole Pole

ours polaire en bois tlab fabriqué main

The Bear, symbol of wisdom and strength, is revisited by the hands of our artisans to give it a crisp expression.

8. The Wooden Panda Pole Pole

 Panda en bois tlab

The Panda is always one of the most cited animals when talking about wildlife. You too, give a central place to this figurine with black carnations.

9. Wooden Tiger Cat Pole Pole

Chat tigré en bois japonais tlab

Wild and unpredictable, for people more instinctive than calm, it's a gift and a perfect decoration!

10. The Wooden Rabbit Pole Pole

lapin en bois fabriqué à la main tlab

The Rabbit symbol of abundance will make a perfect gift and a deco ideal of bureau for people working on new projects.

11. The Wooden Gorilla Pole Pole

gorille en bois japonais sous la neige

There nobility and the gorilla's sense of duty are well established. Our version reveals a sly smile.

12. The Wooden Zebra Pole Pole

Zebre en bois tlab

A piece of savannah in your bedroom, office or living room. Our zebra is one of the centerpieces for a collection Pole Pole successful.

13. The Wooden Elephant Pole Pole

Elephant en bois tlab

This elephant solid wood delicately painted will give a calm and zen atmosphere. Place it on the coffee table in your living room.

14. The Wooden Hedgehog Pole Pole

 herisson en bois tlab

This animal symbol of prosperity will amaze you with its face and curled up shape. irresistible !

15. Wooden Akita Dog Pole Pole

chien japonais akita en bois

The Japanese dog par excellence for a brand in the Country of the rising sun, it is an honor for us to know that a French house can welcome such a faithful and loyal dog!

16. The Wooden Sheep Pole Pole

mouton japonais pole pole tlab

another animal faithful, the sheep will always be a companion you can count on.

17. The Wooden Sloth Pole Pole

Animal en bois sloth pole pole

After the koala, here is the sloth, the slowest mammal on the planet. Angelic gaze, iconic position! We also have a version of Christmas in order to be in keeping with the atmosphere of the end of the year.

18. The Wooden Seal Pole Pole

otari en bois japonais pole pole

Our seal is very simple in painting, for you people looking for a fun touch in a minimalist decor, here is the perfect sidekick.

19. The Wooden Giraffe Pole Pole

Giraffe en bois pole pole animal

The longest animal in the world also has the right to its sculpture in albizia wood.

20. The Wooden Dinosaur Pole Pole

 Dinosaure en bois pole pole animal

The stegoacid, one of the largest herbivorous dinosaurs to have existed is ready to fit into your decoration with its black painted plates.

Thank you for following this ranking, we offer in this shop more than 60 different animals with versions for Christmas. These are easy to collect and gift figurines. So if you're running out ofgift idea T-Lab Pole Pole is there for you.

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