Minimalist and Nordic decoration, the secrets of Pole Pole

Décoration minimaliste et nordique, les secrets de Pole Pole

Our brand offers animal figurines with facial expressions as simple as they are cute. Our creations are imagined in Japan where minimalist ideas are more and more present in fashion and in the decoration.

This is why today we have decided to tell you about this movement which is affecting more and more people in Japan and all around the world. This movement is quite close to the scandinavian decoration or Nordic. This is why we have chosen to give you the secrets for a successful decoration!

In this article, we will see:

  • Make room for a minimalist decor
  • Everything you need to know about Scandinavian decoration
  • Hygge, the Nordic lifestyle

How to decorate a minimalist style house?

Many people are looking for a minimalist decoration to give their home a new atmosphere, and we understand them, interior decoration can have more influence than we think. Others just want a minimalist home because they think it looks more modern than traditional decorating.

Décoration intérieure minimaliste

In order to simplify your life and give you the right tools for deco your apartment; here are some ideas on how to incorporate some of these minimalist elements into your home.

1. What is minimalism? Where does this come from?

The term minimalist means "simplify as much as possible", it is an artistic movement that uses basic elements such as neutral colors, and which is born from the exuberance of fashion in the 60s in New York. This decoration style influences architecture and art, but also fashion and music.

This style involves the removal of unnecessary elements in the decoration to bring things to life through simplicity and the order that design implies, giving great importance to space.

Much more than bedroom or living room decor, minimalism is a state of mind. A desire to find an environment relaxant? The desire for a simpler life? To encourage small craftsmen and work from a real know? Take the step of minimalism!

2. What are the characteristics of minimalism?

To create a minimalist environment, there is no need to throw away all your stuff and start all over again, just observe and eliminate the elements that have no reason to be in the house, eliminate the mess by putting everything back in its place, but out of sight, to replace the old furniture cumbersome by simpler parts.

A. Colors

One of the main characteristics of minimalism is the use of simple colors. The predominant soft tones are white and ecru. Black is also incorporated with subtle pops of color to accent details and accessories.

The drink is used, both for floors and for furniture: smooth cement, glass, steel wire and stone, mainly in their natural state. For the color of the walls, go for plain light colors.

Décoration d'intérieure minimaliste japonaise

B. Furniture & decorative items

For furniture, it is best to choose furniture with straight and simple lines, no frills. Seats and armchairs vintage robust fit perfectly into this philosophy.

lit pierre jeanneret

For the decorative objects, there are a lot of choices despite the very simple spirit of the movement. Minerals such as amethyst, pyrite and quartz are perfect stones for this. Also, dried flowers and bouquets of dried plants and flowers are a great way to add a colorful touch to your salon.

Plante en fiole slow pharmacy

Finally, ethnic objects and ethical. Whether it's African decoration like african masks, or our little friends, handmade solid wood animals will give a special touch to your home. Your guests and passing friends will notice them directly!

Scandinavian decoration, a cocooning and trendy decoration

Scandinavian decorating is an interesting mix of Old World and New World design. She focuses on simple, elegant and rustic, often with arts and crafts elements.

Color is another element you will need to pay attention to when decorating your home with a Nordic spirit. The colors you choose for your rooms should harmonize or complement each other, rather than clash.

1. What are the secrets of a successful Nordic decoration?

One of the keys to Nordic decoration is to create spaces marked by theharmony and tranquility. This objective is achieved thanks to neutral and calm colors, to which are added a particular arrangement given to each element such as furniture, decorative objects andlighting.

Décoration intérieure scandinave

Another aspect of this proposal concerns union with the natural world. The main source of inspiration to create a house with this type of decoration must be nature, therefore the star material of this decorative movement is none other than wood. We must also talk about simplicity, more precisely, the simplicity of forms, in keeping with minimalism. Furniture and design objects have soft and light shapes, creating a style refined and natural.

Décoration intérieure en bois minimaliste

The first thing we need to know is that minimalism is very much related to Scandinavian decoration. The search for simplicity and functionality should be considered as a whole, and not only in the choice of furniture. And, as we said, it's the highlights that really matter. However, dynamism and color are not left out, but are introduced in small accessories of intense colors.

2. What is the “Hygge” style?

The concept of "Hygge" means "Happiness". It is rather a lifestyle, a philosophy that invites you to taste the small pleasures of everyday life. And what better place to do it than at home. Beyond theaesthetic and functionality, decoration is also capable of evoking sensations and influencing your mood.

In this constant search for happiness, hygge decoration proposes to create spaces welcoming, relaxing and comfortable, environments in which you can forget your stressful daily life. Do you dare to be happier?

Décoration scandinave d'intérieure Hygge

Once again, neutral colors are key to decorating your home. They are warm, relaxing, bright and create balanced atmospheres. An oasis of peace in your own home.

Here too, the natural elements are important. Materials such as wood, stones or plants and fabrics like laine or linen bring warmth to spaces, making them more welcoming. Less is more. If Nordic decoration bets on minimalism, the hygge decor Also. Keep it simple and don't overcrowd the rooms.

Here are some of the states of mind that our little workshop inspires and marries the best. Our decorative animals are just waiting to complete your new interior decoration. Take advantage of these little moments and put these tips into practice for decorating your home. You will feel better about yourself, more calme, happier and more relaxed.

Animal en bois tlab pole pole

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