How to decorate your interior in 2023

Décoré et personnaliser son interieur en 2023

Interior decoration is a perfect way to express one's personality and create a living space that matches their tastes and lifestyle. Whether you are a minimalist, a fan of wooden decoration, a fan of Japanese style or a fan of wabi-sabi, there are a multitude of ways to appropriate your interior to make it a pleasant and welcoming space.

"we will discover various inspirations for the decoration of your interior"

During this reading, we will discover various inspirations for the decoration of your interior in order to personalize it according to your style and your preferences. Whether you are looking to revamp your home at a low price, to create an original wall decoration or to find the decor trends of the moment, you will find practical advice here to create a simple and refined decor, but also warm and cozy. And for those looking for unique decorative figurines, do not miss to visit our collections T-lab Europe, where you'll find a selection of top quality, handcrafted, wildlife-inspired wooden figurines.

animaux en bois décoration

How to decorate with (your) taste?

Decorating your home may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it's a fun and creative process which can allow you to bring your ideas and personality to life. Whether refreshing a room or creating an entirely new space, home decorating is a way to show off your style and feel at home in your personal space. We will explore the different basic concepts to tastefully decorate, addressing topics such as negative space, light and layout.

choisir sa décoration 2023

"The basics to consider"

negative space

negative space is an important concept in interior decoration. It is the empty or unobstructed space in a room, which can be used to breathe the decoration and to avoid visual clutter. To create negative space, it's important to leave walls empty, use freestanding furniture to free up the floor, and choose furniture and decorative items that aren't too bulky. This gives depth to the decoration and creates a more soothing and comfortable space.

decoration japandi

The light

Light can also have a huge impact on the mood of a room. It is important to play with different light sources to create a soft and pleasant atmosphere. You can use table lamps, pendant lights, candles, and other light sources to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

interieur lumineux

The layout

The arrangement of furniture and decorative items is another key aspect of decorating. It is important to consider proportions, shapes and colors when arranging furniture and objects to create a harmonious and coherent space. This can help reinforce the chosen style or theme and create a more pleasing and functional room.

meuble décoration


Colors can also have a significant impact on the mood of a room. It is important to choose colors that harmonize well with each other and that reinforce the chosen style or theme. Colors can help create a special atmosphere, add depth to the decoration and enhance the harmony of the room.

Couleur intérieur

The reasons

Patterns can add depth and dimension to decorating. It is important to choose patterns that reinforce the chosen style or theme, such as floral patterns, geometric patterns, nature-inspired patterns, etc. Patterns can also add a splash of color, texture, and design to a room.

textile motife décoration

The accessories

Accessories can add personality and warmth to a room. It is important to choose accessories that suit your style or theme and which harmonize well with the rest of the decoration, such as rugs, cushions, throws, etc. Accessories can also add a splash of color, texture, and design to a room.


Following these points, you can tastefully decorate and create an interior that is both aesthetic and functional, and reflects your personality and style. Textures, decorative objects, patterns, accessories and functionality can all play an important role in creating a harmonious and cohesive interior.

Choose and be inspired by decorative trends:

Interior decoration is an ever-evolving field, where trends change regularly. Current trends are influenced by decorating styles from different cultures, as well as technological advances that offer new possibilities in terms of design and materials. In this section, we're going to review some of the most popular decor trends of the moment to help you find inspiration for your own home decor.

"What are the decorating trends of the moment?"

1.The Japanese style 

    The Japandi style is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design, combining minimalist and clean elements to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. This trend emphasizes natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as a neutral color palette.

    design japandi

    2. Le wabi-sabi 

      Wabi-sabi is a style of decoration that celebrates imperfection and simplicity. This trend focuses on the use of natural and raw materials, such as raw wood or unglazed ceramic, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Colors are generally neutral and objects are chosen for their functionality rather than their appearance.

      décoration design wabi sabi

      3. Minimalism 

        Minimalism is a style of decoration which emphasizes thehas simplicity and purity. This trend focuses on using neutral colors and clean lines to create an airy and peaceful space. Decorative items are carefully chosen for their form and function rather than their appearance.

        design intérieur minimaliste

        4.The industrial style 

        Inspired by factories and warehouses, this decorating style highlights the raw materials such as metal, concrete and aged wood. Colors are usually dark and neutral, and accessories often include things like metal pendant lights and steel shelving.

        design intérieur industriel

        6. The Scandinavian style 

        This style of decoration minimalist and functional has been popular for several years. Colors are often light and neutral, such as white and gray, and furniture is simple and uncluttered. Accessories often include throw pillows and knit blankets, as well as indoor plants to bring in a touch of greenery.

        design intérieur scandinave

        Country chic style 

        This style of decoration warm and cozy is inspired by country life. Colors are often soft and pastel, and furniture is aged wood or painted white. Accessories often include lace throw pillows, burlap curtains and ceramic vases.

        design intérieur campagne chic

        The bohemian style 

        The bohemian style is characterized by a mixture mismatched elements, bright colors and exotic prints. It showcases creativity and personal freedom by allowing a casual mix of different styles and elements. Furniture and accessories can vary from vintage to ethnic to modern pieces, creating a unique and personal environment. Textiles such as rugs, throw pillows and curtains are often used to add color and texture to the space. In general, the bohemian style is ideal for those looking to create a welcoming and creative environment at home.

        design intérieur bohème


        This style focuses on the use of furniture and dold or retro objects, often found in flea markets. The colors are bright and the patterns are varied, creating a unique and personal environment. Vintage furniture is often chosen for its history and style, bringing a touch of charm and character to the space. This style is ideal for those who like to mix eras and styles to create a personal and welcoming environment.

        design intérieur vintage

        The Mediterranean style

        This style is inspired seaside holiday homes, with an emphasis on warm, bright colors, natural materials such as stone and terracotta, and patterns inspired by nature. It creates a warm and welcoming environment, ideal for lovers of casual and natural design. Textiles such as rugs and cushions can be used to add color and texture to the space.

        design intérieur méditerranéen

          At the end of the day, the choice of the decorative trend which best suits your style and your home is entirely up to you. Whether you prefer minimalism, wabi-sabi, and Japanese style or any other trend, it is important to create a space that suits you and that brings you the greatest comfort and the greatest happiness.

          Where to find ideas and inspiration to redo your interior decoration?

          When you're thinking about redecorating your home, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to find ideas and inspiration. Luckily, there are several sources that can help you find ideas that match your style and taste.

          First, you can check interior design magazines. Specialized magazines often feature articles on current trends, design tips, and popular styles. You can also find inspiration online, by exploring websites such as Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram, which are full of photos and decorating ideas.

          Trouver inspiration en ligne

          In addition, furniture stores and decoration shops can be a great source of inspiration. You can visit local stores to see how pieces are accented, how colors are matched, and how accessories are used to complete a room. In addition, large furniture store chains often offer presentations of decorated pieces, which can give you ideas for your own home.

          They are also worth considering your own travel and life experiences. Souvenirs you have brought back from travels, family heirlooms and items that remind you of happy times can be used to personalize your home decor. You can also tap into your interests and hobbies to add unique elements to your home.

          In short, there are many sources of inspiration to redecorate your interior, whether in specialized magazines, online, in furniture stores or in your own experiences. With a little creativity and exploration, you can come up with ideas that will make your home a comfortable space, welcoming and in your image.

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          Our tips for changing decor without breaking the bank!

          Here, we will explore different tips for changing decoration without emptying your wallet. From the personalization of the walls to the simple and refined decoration, we will give you ideas to personalize your interior and create a space that suits you. Discover our tips for changing decoration easily and inexpensively.

          • Add natural elements: To personalize your interior, you can add natural elements such as plants, dried flowers, pebbles or tree branches. You can also opt for wooden accessories such as wooden animals to give a warm and authentic touch to your decoration.
          • Play with colors: Color is a key element to personalize your interior. You can add pops of bright color to bring some cheer to your decor, or opt for softer hues for a more soothing vibe. You can also play with shades and color combinations to give character to your decoration.
          • Use textiles: Textiles are important elements to personalize your interior. You can use cushions, throws or rugs to add texture and warmth to your decor. You can also play with patterns and prints for a more original decoration.
          • Create storage spaces: A personalized interior is a well-organized interior. You can create storage spaces for your books, decorative items or accessories with shelves, storage units or storage boxes. This will allow you to give a place to each object and better structure your decoration.
          • Add personal touches: To personalize your interior, you can add personal touches that reflect your style and personality. It can be a collection of objects, a framed family photo or a decorative object that you have created yourself. Do not hesitate to let your creativity express itself!
          • Repaint your furniture: If you're tired of the color of your furniture, one trick is to repaint it. You can choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your decoration to create a striking effect, or opt for a softer color for a more soothing ambiance.
          • Energize with a colored wall: If you want to add character to a room, painting a wall a bright color is a great option. This will instantly energize the room and make it more interesting.
          • Choose plants: Plants are a great way to change the decor of a room. They bring life and freshness, and can even purify the air. You can opt for large plants to fill an empty corner or small plants to add texture to a shelf.
          • Change blinds and curtains: If you have old or outdated blinds or curtains, changing them can make all the difference. You can opt for bright colors and patterns to add interest to the room, or choose more subdued shades for a more soothing ambiance.
          • Change your lights: Light fixtures are often overlooked, but they can change the mood of a room significantly. You can opt for an impressive chandelier to give elegance to a room or choose table lamps for a warmer atmosphere. 
          • Install a trendy wallpaper: Wallpaper is back in force! If you want to spruce up a room, putting up trendy wallpaper can be a great idea. You can choose vivid patterns or textures to add interest to the room. Laying a trendy resilient floor: If you have floors in poor condition, laying a trendy resilient floor can be a good solution. You can opt for vinyl or cork tiles for a softer vibe or concrete tiles for a rougher vibe.
          • Focus on accessories: Accessories are often the final touch that makes all the difference in a decoration. You can opt for brightly colored throw pillows to add interest to a sofa or rugs for a more cozy atmosphere. Boost a kitchen backsplash: If your kitchen is a little dull, changing the backsplash can transform it. You can opt for brightly colored tiles or tiles with patterns to add interest to the room.

            Wooden animals in your interior

            Wooden animals have become a decorative trend unavoidable in recent years. They bring a natural and warm touch to our interior, while being original decorative pieces. Whether solid wood carvings or delicate figurines, wooden animals can be used in different ways to personalize your interior. Let's discover together how to integrate wooden animals into your decoration for an authentic and rustic atmosphere.

            Figurine en bois t-lab

            If you are looking for quality wooden animals, do not hesitate to discover our selection of wooden T-lab figurines, available on our T-lab website Europe. These figurines are handcrafted and are perfect for adding a touch of nature to your home decor.

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