Wooden Bison | Pole Pole

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Buffalo Antler Figurine Pole Pole

There Buffalo Antler Figurine Pole Pole is a unique and charming object, designed to bring a touch of nature and minimalist Japanese design to your interior. Handcrafted with care by the Japanese manufacturer T-Lab, this wooden animal figurine is a real treasure of craftsmanship that makes these animals very endearing and cute, bringing a peaceful atmosphere to your living space.

Ecological and responsible design

This figurine is made of Albizia Falcata wood from eco-responsible forests. The manufacturer T-Lab is committed to replanting the trees used for their production, thus preserving the natural and rapid growth of the forests. In addition, vegetable paints guarantee an entirely natural product, without any chemical or polluting treatment, respectful of the environment and your health.

Integrate the figurine into your decoration

The Wooden Bison Figurine Pole Pole adapts perfectly to different styles of decoration, such as the interior decoration, Japandi decoration, scandinavian decoration and minimalist design. You can place it on a wooden shelf, a Scandinavian-inspired desk or as a decoration in a child's room. Its perfect balance between the color of natural wood and its black paint make it a unique piece of decoration.

Product Features

  • Handcrafted in Bali
  • Vegetable painting
  • "Albizia Falcata" wood from eco-responsible forest
  • Approximate size of 7 x 2.7 x 5 cm
  • Each figure is unique and may vary slightly in size and shape

The symbolism of the Bison as a totem animal

The Bison is a animal totem symbolizing strength, endurance and perseverance. Giving this wooden figurine to someone you care about is a way to show that you understand and respect their fighting and determined spirit. It is a powerful symbol for those who wish to overcome obstacles and achieve success in life, making this figurine a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

A perfect and original gift

This wooden figurine of Bison Pole Pole is a unique and creative gift idea suitable for all ages. Its minimalist design and its homemade make it a valuable present for those who appreciate art and nature. Whether it's for a birthday, a housewarming party, or simply to express your affection, this wooden figurine is sure to please and make an impression.

Order your Bison Antler Figurine today

Don't miss the opportunity to add this beautiful wooden figurine to your collection or give it as a gift to someone dear to you. Bring a touch of beauty and serenity to your interior with this artisanal creation that exudes the strength and tranquility of the bison. Order now and see how this wooden figurine can transform your living space.