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Donkey wooden figurine Pole Pole

There wooden figure donkey Pole Pole is a captivating decorative element for your interior. Handcrafted, this figurine combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship and minimalist design to create a unique and charming piece.

An ecological and responsible commitment

T-Lab, the manufacturer of this figurine, attaches great importance to the wood selection and is committed to replanting every tree used in its Indonesian forests. The paint used is also natural and free of toxic products, guaranteeing an environmentally friendly product.

Perfect integration in your decoration

The donkey wooden figurine Pole Pole easily fits into different decoration styles, such as decoration interior, japandi, scandinavian or minimalist. It will bring a touch of softness and warmth to your space.

Product Features

  • Handcrafted in Bali
  • Vegetable painting
  • "Albizia Falcata" wood from eco-responsible forest
  • Approximate size of 6.5 x 2.8 x 6.5 cm
  • Each animal is different, each model is unique: the size and shape of the animal may vary
  • Decorative item, not suitable for young children

The donkey, symbol of perseverance and humility

The donkey is a animal totem symbolizing perseverance, humility and patience. Offering this wooden figurine to yourself or to a loved one is a gesture full of meaning and recognition.

The perfect gift for everyone

The donkey wooden figurine Pole Pole is an original and unique gift that can please everyone. Whether it's a birthday, a housewarming or a simple attention, this figurine will delight its recipient.

Invitation to discovery

Do not wait any longer to offer this magnificent wooden figurine to your loved ones or to decorate your own decoration. Explore the collection Pole Pole and find the animal that best suits you.