Pole pole, hand carved wooden animals in Bali

Pole pole, les petits animaux en bois sculptés à la main à Bali

 How not to crack in front of this collection of more than sixty small figurines, each more adorable than the other! 

Collection d'animaux en bois Japonais Tlab Pole Pole

Each of these little wooden animals has a very refined shape and it is only with two tones that these animals of very natural colors and very light wood, soft to the touch, delicately sanded by hand, fit perfectly into our interiors.

Rather dog or cat? Savannah animals? Polar bear? Koala? 

With which of them do you have the most affinity?

What is the little animal that looks like you, and what would be your pole ?

Animal totem tlab

Bringing these little animals into your home is a reminder that they exist; Really. Their existence is forgotten in our hectic lives and reminds us of the urgency to protect them.

It is a way of making them exist by putting them in our living rooms.

When we were kids, who didn't play farm animals or dinosaur figurines? And afterwards, we grow up, we don't play like before, they come out of our lives, as if we no longer had time to linger on them, we ignore them, focused on our screens, we no longer see the living world around us.

Take a moment to stop, to transmit, to remember that from one end of the earth to the other, these animals are there in their environment.

Not just in zoos but in their habitat.

This is the message that the creators of " field field which means "slowly" in Swahili.

The presence of the small "pole pole" wooden animals is intended to be reassuring, soothing and reminds us of a gentle nature, a call to relaxation, to travel, to simplicity too.

No frills, wooden "pole pole" animals blend tastefully into your decor.

Creating  of the  families  or some collections according to your affinities, by dog breed, or  by arranging them by size or color, give them a place of choice in your interior.

Décoration de chambre d'enfant avec les animaux en bois japonais tlab

Decorative in a children's room, the small "pole pole" animals with their noble component and their natural color bring candy And quietude.

The giraffe or the squirrel, domestic animals, the very diversified choice of their creators makes it possible to create a universe around a chosen theme.

Decorative and playful, no garish colors or plastic,

They bring us back to basics.

Touching them and playing with them will create a link between your children and the natural material: wood.

Décoration enfantine tlab

Bring them to life, move the animals around, swap them between yourselves, and think about gifting them, these small wooden animals are surprisingly light and pleasant to handle  just ask  to be admired!

Place a savanna next to bottled plants and cactus, or place the polar bear with white cushions, or on a piece of furniture with a small soft and sparkling light, recreate their environment in a natural and playful decoration, as many opportunities to open your imagination to create animal scenes.

Constantly renewed, the collection offers new models, fish, dolphin, shark, seal, horse, zebra, whale, bambi, bison.

Brachiosaurus, owl, chihuahua, each animal is sculpted and decorated by hand and makes unique copies.

Give them a name, adopt the little wooden "pole pole" animals and offer them for shared pleasure.

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